MYeTest is one of latest application for online test. This is developed to provide a platform for science students who wish to practice objective type questions for different exams. MYeTest is far superior to many online test applications in terms of test options, performance evaluation and report generation. Look at the features of this application.

  • Large pool of questions
  • Multiple test options
  • Fast performance
  • True assessment of test performance
  • Light weight application
  • Detailed report for each test
  • Performance analysis for each test
  • Comparative analysis of performance

Why eTest been developed

As we know there is purpose behind every action. First , practice is a mantra which makes us perfect. Second we always need to know our relatice performance with respect to others so that we can fight sensibly in this competitive world.

Practice help us to reduce our errors and inculcates several aspects of examination process within students. This involves examination pressure, mistakes, time management,calculations,etc.

At the same time, performance analysis within large pool of performances gives a clear picture of our ranking.When we analysis performance within class, then we just predict ranking among those. When the size of this class room increases with internet , then we get a much better analysis of our performance.

How to use eTest

Its is simpler than what you need to do in your class room. Fisrt step is to create your account so that we maintain your past performances and generate various reports which may give you better idea about changes.

Once you join, you can proceed to start etest for any subject. You have option to have questions from all topics, specific topic or subtopic. This helps you to perform test for your current studies , it may be either topic, subtopic or all.

In terms of time frame two type of tests are available. Practice test has no time timit but Realtime tests are completed in allowed time period.If you do not finish test or terminate the test then test report is not generated. Your incomplete test are not maintained in out records.

If you have any suggestion for the application, Pl do write to us for better services.