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MYeTest is a revolutionary application for online test. Try MYeTest and assess your performance over larger class room of Internet world.

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There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

Online Test

MYeTest has multiple predesigned eTests for questions from specific subject,topic or subtopic. All eTests are online and generated dynamically by specific algoritham. Practice test are without time limit but realtime tests are measured within the allowed time duration. MYeTest interface is simple and Intuitive to guide new users.

eTest Report

MYeTest generates test reports instantly.Once you complete eTest, you get detailed test report. Each eTest report covers basic analysis of correct & wrong answers, review of each question for user entry and correct answers, time consumed by user for each question and relative analysis.

Performance analysis

Performance analysis is most crucial and important aspect of any online test system. MYeTest has a system to serve questions based on user dynamic response during eTest and finally MYeTest generates reports and rank accordingly. At present MYeTest compares each test attempts with other similar test for relative analysis.

MyEtest online test

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